Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Following a good report in Houston, we came home and had a great 16th birthday celebration for Karly. We had so much to celebrate t​his year!

Last night, Karly and I went to the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie, Eclipse. Yes, we are some of those crazy people! When the 2nd movie, New Moon, came out Karly was doing chemo and she had to carry her BIG backpack with her to the movie. We still didn't miss it. :)

This evening, Karly and 3 other kids had a photo shoot in Lubbock for the Make A Wish foundation. These pictures will be used in fundraising efforts for wishes!


I would also like for all of you amazing Prayer Warriors to take the time to watch this video about 2 young Seminole siblings who have Juvenile Diabetes.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's that nerve racking time again....time for scans.

We leave Monday, June 14 for Houston. Karly will have scans on Tuesday and we will see doctors on Thursday & Friday.

My social butterfly, Lexie, is going with us this time. She enjoys visiting with all the kids in the clinic and to be honest, she is a nice distraction for me and Karly.

Karly's 16th birthday is Saturday, June 19. She is SO happy that she will be home to celebrate her birthday this year.

Karly's hair is also coming in beautifully. Now, if I can get her to give up her security blanket (aka her cap).