Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Friday morning we met with Dr. Mahajan, the radiation doctor. She asked Karly multiple questions and looked at her skin where she received the radiation. Dr. Mahajan asked Karly, "did I even do anything to you?" :) She was very pleased with how Karly was feeling and how well her skin had healed following radiation. We did discuss with her the nausea Karly was still experiencing and we all believe it was the LARGE doses of antibiotics she was taking. Thankfully, Karly's blood work was great and she no longer has to take the Bactrim.
We arrived back home about 7pm Friday evening and we were greeted by a wonderful West Texas sandstorm! We also found a new washing machine that the washer fairies brought! My mom had her cleaning lady come clean while we were gone and the motor went out on my washer and flooded my kitchen. Thank God for the wonderful family and friends we have that took care of the mess for us!
Karly returned to school yesterday for the first time in almost a year. She had a great day and really enjoyed getting to see all of her friends. Her home bound teacher, Mrs. Lavender, and Karly had worked so hard that Karly was either ahead or caught up in ALL her classes. A BIG “thank you” to Mrs. Lavender.
Karly will return to Houston in June for scans and doctors visits.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

check up March 2010

Karly had a PET scan and blood work early Wednesday morning. This morning we saw Dr. Herzog and Dr. Nguyen and they gave us WONDERFUL news. Karly's mass has shrunk and shows no signs of activity. Her blood work was good which means she can stop taking the Bactrim, or as she calls it "the horse pills". The doctors and nurses presented Karly with an Achievement Award for completing all her treatments.

Keaton had surgery today and did well. I talked to Karen around 9 tonight and Keaton is already feeling some relief from the procedure. Please continue to pray for Keaton.

Today we attended a birthday party for Maria & Martina, twin girls from Ecuador. Today was their 8th birthday. Maria was diagnosed last year within a week or two of Karly's diagnosis. Karly and Maria were on the same treatment schedule. They would be admitted at the same time, whether it was inpatient or outpatient. Unfortunately, Maria did not respond to treatment as Karly did. Maria and her family will return to Ecuador on Sunday, where they will be surrounded by their family and friends.

Today was an emotional roller coaster for me & Karly. We were overjoyed and thankful for the good news we received from Karly's scans, however our hearts ache for our friends who continue to fight the evil cancer monster.

Karly has an appointment to see Dr. Mahajan, her radiation doctor, at 9 in the morning. Karly still has occasional bouts of nausea and we hope Dr. Mahajan can give us some answers as to why. We will check in on Keaton before we leave MD Anderson.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time for Scans

Karly and I are getting ready to head to Houston on Tuesday. Karly with have a PET Scan and blood work Wednesday morning. Thursday and Friday she has follow up appointments with Dr. Herzog and Dr. Mahajan.

Two of our friends, Victoria and "Little" Sara were in Houston last week for scans/test and they both received good news. Donny & Shaunie Selman will also be in Houston this week for Donny's check up, please keep them in your prayers.

Our dear friend Keaton is in the hospital and needs the prayers of you awesome Prayer Warriors.

I will update once we get to Houston.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to March :)

We are all doing well. Mom went back to Houston On February 20 and got a GREAT report. She is still cancer free and doing well. Karly is working hard on her school work and has a great home bound teacher. She took her TAKS test this morning, so let's hope she did well. Karly will return to school after her check up at the end of March. Miss Lexie is ruling the house as normal! She is not going to be happy about not being able to go to Houston with us at the end of the month because she misses her "friends" at the hospital.

Karly and I are collecting cards for Cards 4 Cancer and we will deliver them to MD Anderson when we go for her check up. If you would like to send some cards, colored pictures or artwork by your kids please contact us.

Also, we are working hard to raise money for Karly's Relay for Life team, Team Karly. If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life let us know.