Thursday, March 25, 2010

check up March 2010

Karly had a PET scan and blood work early Wednesday morning. This morning we saw Dr. Herzog and Dr. Nguyen and they gave us WONDERFUL news. Karly's mass has shrunk and shows no signs of activity. Her blood work was good which means she can stop taking the Bactrim, or as she calls it "the horse pills". The doctors and nurses presented Karly with an Achievement Award for completing all her treatments.

Keaton had surgery today and did well. I talked to Karen around 9 tonight and Keaton is already feeling some relief from the procedure. Please continue to pray for Keaton.

Today we attended a birthday party for Maria & Martina, twin girls from Ecuador. Today was their 8th birthday. Maria was diagnosed last year within a week or two of Karly's diagnosis. Karly and Maria were on the same treatment schedule. They would be admitted at the same time, whether it was inpatient or outpatient. Unfortunately, Maria did not respond to treatment as Karly did. Maria and her family will return to Ecuador on Sunday, where they will be surrounded by their family and friends.

Today was an emotional roller coaster for me & Karly. We were overjoyed and thankful for the good news we received from Karly's scans, however our hearts ache for our friends who continue to fight the evil cancer monster.

Karly has an appointment to see Dr. Mahajan, her radiation doctor, at 9 in the morning. Karly still has occasional bouts of nausea and we hope Dr. Mahajan can give us some answers as to why. We will check in on Keaton before we leave MD Anderson.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

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