Thursday, April 30, 2009


We are finally reconnected to the outside world. The internet guy was supposed to be here between 8am and noon today. He got here at 7pm!!

Karly has been doing well the past 2 days. She is tired but has been getting some rest. She even survived me giving her shots! :)

Bub is bringing my car tomorrow. I am so ready to have my OWN car. We are hoping we get to see Lexie before long, we miss her so much!

I think Lisa, Leslie & Brylee will be down here next weekend. Nona is coming on the 15th and will be here for 10 days. The company will be great!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

settling in

We are settling in to our apartment. THANK YOU everyone for helping us look for a place. Karly is doing very well. She is tried and trying to get some rest. We will have web access here tomorrow and I will update more then.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

one behind us...

Last night about 9:50 they began Karly's 1st round of chemo. Actually, the chemo does not start first.(I am getting a lesson in medicine) Two anti-nausea drugs were given first, then a drug which will help protect her heart from the chemotherapy, then 3 chemo drugs were given one at a time. The chemo was finished about 2:45am. She was then given a drug that protects and flushes her kidneys and was given that again at 11am. By the end she had 10-12 bags hanging on her IV pole.

She did very well, she is so strong. She had a little bit of nausea but nothing bad. We received all her medicine and instructions. Thanks to Dana we were already prepared for all they would send home with us. I also learned to give shots today, if you know me very well you know that is a BIG deal. :)

We do now have an address: 8181 Fannin, Apt. #513 Houston, Tx 77054
I am sure there is a way to put this on the front page of caringbridge, but I will leave that up to Tisha.

As Karly was being discharged today her nurse talked to her about faith and knowing that God is the Great Healer. She said, "God knows exactly where in your body the bad cells are, we are only going by the evidence we have, but God's eyes see. We(medical staff) are and use God's tools to remove the bad cells from you. Read God's word." "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12 She told us that the entire staff can see the difference in the healing of "those who walk in faith."

Monday, April 27, 2009

listening to a wonderful thurnderstorm.....

I wish I could send this wonderful rain home. We are on the 9th floor and have a wonderful view of the amazing rain falling.

Today has been a long day but prayers have been answered. All the tests from last week came back and the cancer is not anywhere else. Thank you God! I can't express the relief Kenneth and I felt after hearing that. And more great of the church organizations had an apartment open up here and we will be able to move in tomorrow.

Karly had her port placed this morning, the procedure only took about an hour. She was in recovery for 6 hours! She is very sore and hungry. We just ordered her food, the menu is better than most restaurants.

She will begin her first round of chemo tonight. The way things were explained is she will do 1 day of chemo, be off 2 weeks and then do 5 days of chemo, be off 2 weeks and so on.

As soon as I get an address for the apartment I will post it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

thank you...

I just want to take this chance to say thank you to all our wonderful friends and family. So many people have said and done so many wonderful things.

My sweet nephew Kory, his wife Crystal, and their 2 boys Christopher and Kade came to see Karly last Sunday; Aunt Kathy and Amy did as well. Karly's Aunt Terri had a wonderful get together at her house Monday night for Karly, Kenneth and his family. On Tuesday, Uncle Vaughn had a fabulous send off arranged at the Midland airport for Karly! Very cool! :)

Dana Quisenberry for taking time while she was down her to visit with us, she has advice no one else can give me. I am so thankful for all the people that have been helping out in Seminole. My nephew Brian has been helping Dad with all our animals and Bub & Nona have my baby, Harvest. So many people have been so great at keeping Miss Lexie entertained, she is having a difficult time being away from us, but she has been staying so busy she doesn't have much time to think about it.

Thank you & we love you all.

Friday, April 24, 2009

a Lab Rat

Last night Karly told me and her Aunt Terri that she felt like a lab rat. After today, she feels like a sore lab rat.

She had a bone scan, which required a nuclear injection. They brought the injection in a sealed capsule marked hazardous. After receiving the injection Karly said, "I wonder if I'll be like Spider Man now?" She did have a nice little nap during the bone scan. Following the bone scan she had a CT scan of her chest. The nurses in this area of the hospital are the worst we have encountered. The first one preached to me about her not supposed to eat anything for at least 3 hours before her scan when it had been almost 4 hours since she had eaten anything. I finally gave up and said, "OK, next time we will do better." Then the dumb hag trying to start her IV was an idiot and was on some kind of a fish expedition, and not only with Karly but 3 other patient while we were sitting there. The lady that started her IV last night for the MRI came and started her IV and the CT scan only took about 5 minutes.

It is raining like crazy here. I wish I could send it to you guys back home.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This morning we met with Dr. Herzog and she told us that it was for sure Ewing's sarcoma, just as she thought. The results from the bone marrow biopsy should be back tomorrow but Dr. Herzog said the results won't change our plan of action. Chemo will begin on Monday. Karly had another MRI this evening. She will have a bone scan and a chest CT tomorrow.

We are looking forward to a restful weekend, before she starts chemo next week.
Thank you for all the kind words and support.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

back at MD Anderson

Karly and I made it back to Houston last night. We started early this morning. She had an echocardiogram first thing this morning that took forever. She says she is going to have bruises, I hope her Pa doesn't hear that. :) She then had her IV put in and she did NOT pass out today - WooHoo :) She even got an Eric Carle polar bear for her accomplishment. While we were waiting for her bone marrow aspiration we got to visit with Dana Quisenberry. For those of you who are not from Seminole and don't know, Dana's son, Daniel, also HAD Ewing's sarcoma. Dana has already been and will continue to be an amazing resource for me. Dana and Daniel were here for their check ups. They are a great testament to what can be accomplished through faith and a great medical team.

It is nap time here and the we are headed to see "Earth" from Walt Disney.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in Houston

Karly and I made it back to Houston. She will have several tests run tomorrow starting at 8am. Kenneth and Terri will be here tomorrow night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

It is amazing...

how much you can accomplish in one day when you HAVE to. Today has been a crazy day. Karly got to visit with some of the kids and teachers at school today and she really enjoyed it. We cleaned out her locker and picked up her horn from band. Neither one of us are thrilled that she will not finish out the year here but we both know we are doing what has to be done for her to get better. After her visit at school, she headed to the dentist and got her braces off! :) WOOHOO And then to supper with some friends.

These few days home have been busy but much needed. All the prayers and love from everyone is keeping Karly and I going. We have talked about it several times, and we both know that our strength comes from all of the prayers being said for us. Thank You!

We will head back to Houston tomorrow. We are heartbroken that we will be leaving sweet Lexie here, but until we get settle and in a routine that is what is best for her. We are still working on finding a place to stay, we have our name on several waiting lists and hopefully will find a place soon. Until then we will be back at the Hampton.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We made it home in spite of the bad weather in Houston. We were about 2hrs late but we are home. We were very happy to see Lexie, we missed her alot! It is so nice to be back in Seminole, even if it is just for a few days.

I just wanted to let you guys know we made it. We are now going to bed, maybe just for a nap or for all night! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Heading home....for a little bit

Wow...what a crazy day! We received some tough news today but we have been overwhelmed with the amount of support we have received. All the calls, emails, texts, visits, food and kind words have been wonderful. We have the best friends and family! Thank you all so much.

I want to thank a few people.

First, my good friend Tisha for getting the Caringbridge site up and going. She is also going to keep it updated for me. My sweet friend Stacy Gibson who has already talked to a friend here in Houston who will rent us a condo at a great rate. It is located very close to MD Anderson. Sunny & Shalea for going and getting Lexie so Mom & Dad could have a break. Lexie doesn't warm up to people very fast, but who better than the 2 best kindergarten teachers to take her to have fun! One of the best cooks in town, LeaAnn, for taking food to Mom & Dad. Vicki Clark for going and sitting with mom. And of course the 2 best secretaries in the world, Amanda & Donna, for holding down the fort, ALWAYS! You 2 ROCK! And sweet little Sam for being a GREAT friend to Karly.

I also want to thank all of you that are the support system for Kenneth and his family. I know there are more I need to thank so.....THANK YOU!

Karly is so ready to get home to some of Glenda's chicken & dumplings! Yummy!

Day 5 @ MDA

Without a doubt this is the worst day of my life. My "little" girl Karly did not receive the results we wanted. The mass is cancer and she will begin chemo a week from Monday. The doctor said possible Ewing's Sarcoma but will not be sure on the type until the rest of the results from the biopsy come back. We are crushed and very worried about Karly. Her dad and I had already come to an agreement that if it was cancer we were staying here at MD Anderson, so that is what we will do.

Karly and I will go home in the morning and then we will fly back Tuesday evening. Next week she will have more tests, bone marrow, CT Scan, bone scan, etc. On Monday, the 27th, she will have her port put in and begin chemo. We are going to look into finding a more permanent place to stay here in Houston.

karly friday

Karly went back at 10:45 for her biopsy. They said it would take an hour or so. She will be in recovery for 2 hours.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 4 in Houston

Karly had blood drawn, pelvic xrays, chest xrays, met with the doctor performing the biopsy and with anesthesia all before 1:00pm today. It was a busy morning but everything is set up for the biopsy tomorrow. We feel very comfortable with everything that is going to take place in the morning. All the doctors, physicians assistants and nurses are very caring and made sure Karly felt comfortable about the procedure.

We are to be at the hospital at 8am. It isn't anything like what we are use to at home. Her blood work and her IV are done in the pediatric clinic, and then we will go to the procedure area. I told Karly I want the nurses in the pedi clinic to draw my blood next time I have to have to done, they are AWESOME!! The biopsy is scheduled for 11am and we were told it would last 1-1 1/2hr, after that she will be in recovery for about 2 hours. She is also scheduled for another MRI tomorrow evening at 6pm.

We are so thankful for all the prayers for both Karly and Mom. Mom's angiogram today came out GREAT, no blockage! :)

My baby girl, Lexie, is having a very hard time with Karly and I being gone. Karly and I miss her ALOT but she is with Nanny & Pa, so we know she is just fine. My sweet nephew, Brian, is taking care of all our animals, and that is not an easy job!

I will update as soon as I can tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 3 @ MDA

It is a good thing Karly was able to rest today because she has a busy schedule for the next 2 days. Karly will begin in the morning at 9:15. Tomorrow is a day full of blood work, xrays and prep for anesthesia. Friday morning starts at 8:15 and the biopsy is set for 11:00am. She will then have another MRI at 6pm.

I know we are in the right place and they are going to take care of Karly. Today, while doing laundry, I met a lady from Kentucky. Her husband is recovering from a stem cell transplant. They were told at their home hospital that he would never survive the transplant. They were wrong, he will be discharged next week from MDA.

Karly's aunt Terri will be here tonight. Jaquetta had to go home last night, I know we will miss her. Bless her heart I asked her a million questions, since she is a nurse.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 2

Today has been a slow day. Karly had an ultrasound this afternoon and we are still waiting for the biopsy to be scheduled. She is a pediatric patient and sadly there are ALOT of pediatric patients here. They are trying very hard to coordinate the biopsy, blood work, x-rays and another MRI for the next day or two. We will know in the morning when the biopsy will be. I know it will not be tomorrow because she has to meet with anesthesia the day before her biopsy.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Please keep Mom in your prayers too as she will have an angiogram on Thursday.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 1 @ MDA

We made it to Houston yesterday evening & Karly's 1st appointment was this morning at 7am. The shuttle from the hotel leaves at 6am, so we had a very early start.

Karly's 1st appointment was with Mom's doctor, Dr. Thomas Burke. He is as nice, if not nicer than Mom had said. His wife is his PA and she was wonderful with Karly. Dr. Burke told us that after looking at her MRI that the mass was NOT in her uterus or ovaries. The mass is behind some blood vessels at the back of her pelvis. Dr. Burke did order an ultrasound just to take an extra look at her ovaries. After seeing Dr. Burke we headed over to the Children's & Juvenile Clinic.

Dr. Herzog at the Children's clinic wants a biopsy to be done so that we know what we are dealing with. We won't know when that will be performed until this afternoon. The MRI we brought from Odessa has to be uploaded into the system before a procedure can be scheduled.

When we left the hospital, Karly said, "I want to eat, sleep, go to the mall, eat and sleep again. In that order." She is on her 1st round of sleeping. I am headed that way also.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updated Info

We will be flying from Midland to Houston Sunday evening at 6pm. Karly's first appointment is at 7 Monday morning. Me, my sis Claudia, Karly's dad Kenneth and stepmom Jaquetta will all be flying with Karly to Houston. Mom is staying here and keeping Lexie for several reasons.
1) Lexie won't stay with very many people 2) Mom has an angiogram scheduled for Thursday

I know we are going to the right place, MD Anderson is the best and they have taken care of my mom and many others we know. I can't begin to express the thanks I want to for all the calls, emails, text messages, flowers, cards, food and most of all the PRAYERS. We are so blessed to such wonderful friends and family.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today's News

I think I am still in shock.

I decided to create a blog so I would have to repeat the news over and over.

Some of you know that Karly has had back pain on and off since June. We saw the pediatrician and she sent us to an orthopedic doctor. That doctor could not give us an answer for her pain, but at that time she was not hurting. After a BAD spell last week and at the advice of a local doctor we made an appointment with a neurologist.

We saw that doctor on Friday and he ordered an MRI. The MRI was performed yesterday. When we saw the doctor for the results to day, he told us that Karly has a large mass in her abdomen and sent us straight to the oncologist.

The oncologist wanted us to go to Dallas but I told him we would go to Houston, MD Anderson only. Mom called her doctor at MD Anderson and he will see Karly Monday morning. That was an answered prayer!

The oncologist we saw today did give us some of the good points, she is not sick (meaning losing weight or not eating) and she is not in constant pain.

I will finish up with all the arrangements for the trip to Houston in the morning.