Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 1 @ MDA

We made it to Houston yesterday evening & Karly's 1st appointment was this morning at 7am. The shuttle from the hotel leaves at 6am, so we had a very early start.

Karly's 1st appointment was with Mom's doctor, Dr. Thomas Burke. He is as nice, if not nicer than Mom had said. His wife is his PA and she was wonderful with Karly. Dr. Burke told us that after looking at her MRI that the mass was NOT in her uterus or ovaries. The mass is behind some blood vessels at the back of her pelvis. Dr. Burke did order an ultrasound just to take an extra look at her ovaries. After seeing Dr. Burke we headed over to the Children's & Juvenile Clinic.

Dr. Herzog at the Children's clinic wants a biopsy to be done so that we know what we are dealing with. We won't know when that will be performed until this afternoon. The MRI we brought from Odessa has to be uploaded into the system before a procedure can be scheduled.

When we left the hospital, Karly said, "I want to eat, sleep, go to the mall, eat and sleep again. In that order." She is on her 1st round of sleeping. I am headed that way also.


  1. Goodness Candy, I had no idea this was going on. Keeping you all in my prayers and especially your lil girl.
    Love, T

  2. Candi, I have been thinking about yall all day and couldnt wait to get home and find out something. Please keep us posted. I love you, Kenneth and Karly and will be praying for yall.