Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today's News

I think I am still in shock.

I decided to create a blog so I would have to repeat the news over and over.

Some of you know that Karly has had back pain on and off since June. We saw the pediatrician and she sent us to an orthopedic doctor. That doctor could not give us an answer for her pain, but at that time she was not hurting. After a BAD spell last week and at the advice of a local doctor we made an appointment with a neurologist.

We saw that doctor on Friday and he ordered an MRI. The MRI was performed yesterday. When we saw the doctor for the results to day, he told us that Karly has a large mass in her abdomen and sent us straight to the oncologist.

The oncologist wanted us to go to Dallas but I told him we would go to Houston, MD Anderson only. Mom called her doctor at MD Anderson and he will see Karly Monday morning. That was an answered prayer!

The oncologist we saw today did give us some of the good points, she is not sick (meaning losing weight or not eating) and she is not in constant pain.

I will finish up with all the arrangements for the trip to Houston in the morning.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I will definitely pray for Karly. Please update if/when you can!