Monday, April 20, 2009

It is amazing...

how much you can accomplish in one day when you HAVE to. Today has been a crazy day. Karly got to visit with some of the kids and teachers at school today and she really enjoyed it. We cleaned out her locker and picked up her horn from band. Neither one of us are thrilled that she will not finish out the year here but we both know we are doing what has to be done for her to get better. After her visit at school, she headed to the dentist and got her braces off! :) WOOHOO And then to supper with some friends.

These few days home have been busy but much needed. All the prayers and love from everyone is keeping Karly and I going. We have talked about it several times, and we both know that our strength comes from all of the prayers being said for us. Thank You!

We will head back to Houston tomorrow. We are heartbroken that we will be leaving sweet Lexie here, but until we get settle and in a routine that is what is best for her. We are still working on finding a place to stay, we have our name on several waiting lists and hopefully will find a place soon. Until then we will be back at the Hampton.

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  1. HAVING to usually is what pushes us over to be more productive, right? :) Have a safe trip! I'll check in often! big love and prayers....