Friday, April 17, 2009

Heading home....for a little bit

Wow...what a crazy day! We received some tough news today but we have been overwhelmed with the amount of support we have received. All the calls, emails, texts, visits, food and kind words have been wonderful. We have the best friends and family! Thank you all so much.

I want to thank a few people.

First, my good friend Tisha for getting the Caringbridge site up and going. She is also going to keep it updated for me. My sweet friend Stacy Gibson who has already talked to a friend here in Houston who will rent us a condo at a great rate. It is located very close to MD Anderson. Sunny & Shalea for going and getting Lexie so Mom & Dad could have a break. Lexie doesn't warm up to people very fast, but who better than the 2 best kindergarten teachers to take her to have fun! One of the best cooks in town, LeaAnn, for taking food to Mom & Dad. Vicki Clark for going and sitting with mom. And of course the 2 best secretaries in the world, Amanda & Donna, for holding down the fort, ALWAYS! You 2 ROCK! And sweet little Sam for being a GREAT friend to Karly.

I also want to thank all of you that are the support system for Kenneth and his family. I know there are more I need to thank so.....THANK YOU!

Karly is so ready to get home to some of Glenda's chicken & dumplings! Yummy!

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  1. So glad you're getting a chance to go home for a bit. There's nothing like going back to familiar surroundings. I'm sure you'll be welcomed with lots of love, hugs, prayers, and FOOD! :)
    I will call you later in the week!