Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 3 @ MDA

It is a good thing Karly was able to rest today because she has a busy schedule for the next 2 days. Karly will begin in the morning at 9:15. Tomorrow is a day full of blood work, xrays and prep for anesthesia. Friday morning starts at 8:15 and the biopsy is set for 11:00am. She will then have another MRI at 6pm.

I know we are in the right place and they are going to take care of Karly. Today, while doing laundry, I met a lady from Kentucky. Her husband is recovering from a stem cell transplant. They were told at their home hospital that he would never survive the transplant. They were wrong, he will be discharged next week from MDA.

Karly's aunt Terri will be here tonight. Jaquetta had to go home last night, I know we will miss her. Bless her heart I asked her a million questions, since she is a nurse.


  1. Always checking for updates. Glad you have a schedule in mind now. That helps. :) So glad you have a round of people there for support. :) big love and prayers.....

  2. hey there! We think of you all everyday, throughout the day!!! keep your chin up!! God is good and yes you are in the right place!!!
    Thank you for keeping us updated!!!

    God Bless!!!