Monday, November 8, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Karly and I flew to Houston Tuesday evening.

Karly began testing Wednesday morning at 6:30. Even after all she has been through, she fainted when Ms. Toni missed her IV. It is very rare for Ms. Toni to miss, but she did and Karly was out. Karly had blood work, x-rays, a CT scan, a PET scan and an MRI all before 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. It was nice to get it all over with in one day, but it was a hard day for Karly.

Thursday morning we saw Dr. Nguyen & Dr. Herzog. The mass in Karly's pelvis had a SUV value lower than the last scans. Which is great news! That value basically tell how/if a mass is active. The spot is Karly's lungs is something they want to continue to watch closely. We will return to Houston the first of January for repeat scans.

Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement.

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