Friday, December 11, 2009

Chemo is Over!

Karly is finished with chemo!! We have been in Houston for 242 days. Karly has completed 31 radiation treatments and 14 cycles of chemotherapy. I have given her somewhere between 90-100 injections, and she has received blood products at least 14 times.

On Monday, Karly saw Dr. Herzog and she discussed the plans for scans next week. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we miss Heather! Having a different nurse the past couple times has been so frustrating, there is a sense of security when YOUR nurse is the one taking care of you. Karly began chemo Monday morning and she came home last night with her last dose of chemo in her backpack.

Karly woke up today feeling “ick”. When we got to the clinic Sherri at the front desk immediately noticed something was wrong and called in the troops. Karly was taken back to the PACT rather quickly so she could lie day. After a CBC and some other lab work Dr. Wolf decided she needed 2 units of blood. Not long after the blood started going in Karly started feeling much better.

Victoria and her mom, Tammy were in town for Victoria’s scans and they stopped by for a visit while Karly was receiving her blood. It was great to spend time visiting and comparing “war” stories with them.

Karly decided not to ring the bell today. It was 6 pm before we left the clinic, so almost everyone was gone and there are several nurses and child life specialists that she would like to be present when she rings the bells. She also came home with a backpack of fluids and she said she wants to be completely unhooked before she rings the bell.

We have been blessed to have wonderful nurses taking care of Karly in the PATC. Lacy, Sandy, Anna and Kelly have been such a blessing. They KNOW just by looking at Karly how she feels and if something isn’t right. They love what they do and it shows.

This has been a long a difficult journey but we have met so many wonderful people and have created lifelong bonds with many of them. I am so grateful for all the prayers that have been said and continue to be said for Karly.

Karly will have all her scans repeated next week. Scan time is a difficult time, known around here as scanxiety. Please pray that all the treatments have done their job and Karly is cancer free.

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