Monday, December 21, 2009

We are heading home for Christmas!

On Friday, Karly had to receive platelets after Thursday's lab results showed hers to be low. Today she went in for labs again and her counts are better. Her platelets had gone up but were still a little low so she will have lab work done at home on Wednesday.

Karly is schedule to come back to Houston on January 11 to have her port removed. She wanted it removed before we left here but her platelets did not allow that.

We said our goodbyes today and it was kind of bitter sweet. We are both so EXCITED about going home but we have also created such wonderful bonds with some of the people here it is hard to leave with out shedding some tears.

We have accumulated so much stuff here that I took a HUGE load to the Goodwill today, we took tons of stuff to the hospital and still had to rent a mini storage. We will pick up the rest of our things from the mini storage when we come back in January.

Karly will continue to have lab work done on a regular basis, she is on antibiotics to help keep her from getting an infection of any kind and she will return to Houston every 3 months for scans and check ups.

Thank you for all the love, prayers and support. Please continue to keep Karly in your prayers.

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