Friday, April 9, 2010

So much has happened in the past couple days. I wish this was a happy update, but it is not. The evil monster, aka cancer, has taken another precious child from us. Little Maria passed away in Ecuador on Tuesday. Karly and I have not even been able to grasp that Keaton is really gone and now we have learned of Maria's death.

Karly and I spent some time tonight talking about our friends that have passed, Zoe, Keaton and Maria. As difficult as their passing is we both agreed that we are thankful for the great memories we have of them. Every time Lexie has a rice crispy treat all 3 of us remember Zoe. She would always give Lexie one while we all sat in the waiting room doing our favorite thing, waiting. Our memories of Keaton and Karen could fill many pages. Keaton always gave the same answer when we would ask him "how are you feeling?" With a smile Keaton would say, "good, I'm feeling good." After a few rounds of chemotherapy we realized that little Maria was on the same schedule as Karly was. We would love to see what "little miss fashion" had on everyday. If her twin, Martina, was with her we got twice the fashion show. When we think of Maria, we see the beautiful smile on her face when she would see Karly walking in her hospital room.

I received a message tonight from Laura, Daniel Porras' mom. She said Daniel is not doing well and she is not sure how much longer he will be with us. I have posted about Daniel before, he is from Sundan, Tx. Karly and I have always said that, "Daniel is good for the soul."

We thank God for Karly's recovery, ask Him to comfort those grieving and ask Him to be with those still fighting.

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