Sunday, May 31, 2009

We had a great weekend. Saturday, Karly and I drove to Canyon Lake to the Songer family reunion. It was only about a 3 hours drive from Houston. We had a wonderful time getting to visit with family and of course finally getting to see Lexie! Lexie came back to Houston with us and will stay as long as possible.

Bub and Nona had several bags of stuff for us, but one of the prized goodies was a cap from the Seminole Fire Department! haha You guys are great and she thinks ALOT of all of you. Thanks for everything and she can't wait for her brisket! :)

Today, we went and watched "Up". It was very cute! After the movie Lexie got to swim for a while, not long enough according to her. Then we headed to Razzoo's because Karly wanted fried pickles! :)

We go back in at 10 in the morning to have blood drawn and if her levels are good she will have chemo tomorrow. Lexie will be with us, so we may need an extra prayer or two! ;)

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