Sunday, August 16, 2009

Karly finished up day 4 today. She has had a fairly easy time this round. She has been able to rest and has experienced very little nausea. She will start chemo in the morning around 8am and we should be out of here sometime tomorrow(Monday) evening.

Kory and his family made it late Friday night. Lexie just about drove us nuts asking every 10 minutes, "when is Kory Neil going to be here." Saturday morning, Kory, Crystal, Christopher and Kade came to the hospital and got to spend some time with Karly. Then they took Lexie with them. Lexie has had a blast with them the past 2 days. Yesterday, they went to the Downtown Aquarium and today they BRAVED the Children's Museum. Lexie and I went to dinner with the boys while Crystal stayed with Karly at the hospital. I think Crystal probably enjoyed a little bit of peace and quiet after having 3 kids in Houston for 2 days.

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