Thursday, August 20, 2009

Karly got out of the hospital around 4:30 Monday afternoon. She was able to do her last dose of Mesna at home again, which kept us from staying until the 6pm dose. Apparently, not many people take the Mesna orally. The hospital did not have enough pills for her to do both her 3pm and 6pm dose at home. The nurses have told us several times that it has a terrible taste but Karly says she doesn't taste anything. But, after 5 days in the hospital she might say anything to get to go home!

We had a great night Monday night! Christopher, Kade, Kory & Crystal came to the apartment, the kids swam, we ordered pizza, the kids swam some more. Karly even felt up to going out and watching the kids swim. It was wonderful family time. Tuesday before they headed home Karly had to take them to eat at Lupe's, of course. :)

Karly went in for an echocardiogram and blood work this morning. Her appointment was at 8am and she did not go back for the echo until 9:30. Anyhow, the reason for the echo is to make sure her heart is ok because of one of the chemo drugs, Doxorubicin(AKA "the red devil"). Possible side effects of it include interference with heart function.

She goes back Monday for blood work and next Thursday for 1 day chemo.

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