Monday, June 29, 2009

Cycle #5

After spending most of the day waiting for lab results, then waiting for a room cycle #5 is in progress. We are getting used to waiting. We talked with a man and his daughters from Philadelphia today and he said, "you spend so much time waiting here, but it is definitely worth it." We couldn't agree more!

Karly's hemoglobin levels are still low so after chemo she will receive two units of blood. She is not crazy about the idea since she is still squeamish at the sight or even the thought of blood.

Tonight was BINGO night! woohoo All the kids, the little ones and the older ones always have fun. Karly's room is next door to her friend Keaton's so they have been able to hang out.

I will post tomorrow and let everyone know how Karly made it through the night and this cycle of chemo.

I want to say HELLO to my two adorable great nephews, Christopher & Kade! We love you and miss you! Christopher, I hear you did GREAT on your TAKS test, tell your daddy I said to bring you down here and we will go to the beach to celebrate. :)

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