Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 3 of Cycle 4

Day 4 will begin soon. Every day they move it up 4 hours so they will begin day 4 at 3 am. Karly is glad because she will (hopefully) be out of the hospital Friday afternoon, which is her birthday.

Tuesday Lexie got a break from the hospital. Kelli Clanton Cataline came and got Lexie and kept her for the day. Lexie had a great time playing with Kelli's two girls, Audrey and Sarah. Lexie will be going back to Kelli's again tomorrow. I can't thank Kelli enough for entertaining Lexie.

Karly got to spend sometime on Tuesday with her step-brother Layne before his surgery today. I don't know much about his surgery, the last I heard he was in recovery. Please keep him in your prayers, he will be here in Houston at Shriner's for several weeks.

Today went well. Karly was finished with chemo by 9am and spent most of the day asleep. She has only has small bouts of nausea which have easily been taken care of with anti-nausea meds. We are so thankful that this round is going better.

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