Monday, June 15, 2009

So Far, So Good

Day 1 of 5 days of chemo is over with! :)

We were in a room shortly before noon today, which is a record for us. Karly was finished with chemo by 6pm tonight, just in time for bingo. These 2 drugs really make her tired so she sleeps alot, which is good because there isn't much else to do. Dr. Herzog changed her anti-nausea medicines for this round because the last round of five days was very rough. So far, so good!

Kenneth is here until Wednesday and we got to see Linda Nichols this morning. Linda was here with a cousin, it sure was great seeing a face from home.

I am slowly getting more comfortable with the hospital scene, which I never thought possible! Today I went through all Karly's lab results on the computer screen while we were waiting on the doctor, and by now I now which ones to look for and what numbers are good/bad. Karly was just rolling her eyes. During chemo, her blood pressure must be taken every 15 minutes while one if the drugs in being administered. Well, Lexie and I had gone to the playroom, (no I didn't leave Karly alone, Kenneth was here) and when I got back the last recorded BP was very low. I manually started the machine, while Karly is telling me to leave things alone, and had it check her blood pressure again. It was much better. I KNOW I am probably turning into a nurses worst nightmare, but I told the nurse when she came in why there was an extra reading on the machine. :) Karly just shakes her head!

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