Friday, June 26, 2009

Its Friday :)

I have almost let a week go by without updating, oops!

Sunday, Father's Day, we drove about 30 minutes south and picked up Karly's friend Sam. Sam is at her grandparents' for the summer so she was able to come stay with us for a little bit. Monday morning Karly had to go in for blood work. She gave Sam the grand tour of the hospital. That afternoon we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences.

It has been very hot here in Houston! I think I heard that a new record was set here yesterday! We got a big box of craft things from Cynthia Clack and her group in Odessa yesterday and we will be using it to keep us entertained inside, out of the heat!

Karly went back in yesterday for more blood work. Her levels were low, white blood cells were low so I will continue to give her injections and her hemoglobin was low. Because Karly feels well and has plenty of energy the doctor decided against the blood transfusion today! Thank God!

Karly's 5th cycle of chemo is scheduled for Monday. Of course, it will depend on her blood results Monday morning. The plan is after cycle 5 to re image and see what progress has been made.

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