Monday, November 2, 2009


I am so excited to report that Karly rang the bell in radiation today to signify that she had completed all 31 treatment. I will post some pictures on her Caringbridge site.

Karly's lab work this morning show her counts were slowly going up, but it does not look like they will be good enough for her to do chemo tomorrow. Her platelet level would have to more than triple over night, I don't see that happening. Hopefully, she will be good to go on Thursday.

Our friends from Sudan were back today. Daniel Porras is the funniest kid! We sat and visited with him and his parents for 2 hours. He is good for the soul. An article about Daniel was published in one of MD Anderson's Publications. I will put the link at the bottom of this and I hope it works so you can go read his story. While we were all visiting the 5 of us were video for a fundraising video that will be used for MD Anderson. West Texas folks are the best, so of course they wanted to video us. :)

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