Sunday, November 1, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Karly and I stayed at the apartment since her blood counts have been at dangerous levels. We did go treat little Sarah across the hall. Sarah was so excited to get a big bag of treats. Sarah is a sweet little 6 year old from Oklahoma who had a bone marrow transplant in May to fight off Leukemia. Her mom is back home with her 2 sisters and her dad is here with her. She is a doll!

Friday morning's lab results showed that all of Karly's blood counts had continued to drop even after receiving blood on Thursday. So, she received platelets Friday morning and I have to continue her shots through today. Her poor arms are solid bruises because of her low counts; she has bruises from blood draws, from shots and even from the dang band aids. It is very hard for me to keep giving her shot when her arms are so bruised.

Karly will have repeat lab work done in the morning before her LAST radiation treatment. Her 13th chemo cycle is schedule for Tuesday. Of course, this will all depend on what her blood counts do. This has been a worrisome few days since this is the lowest her levels have ever been.

Some of you have asked how you could donate blood and Karly receive credit for it. Her Aunt Terri donated on Friday and got some information for us for the United Blood Services in Lubbock. You can donate in Karly's name, it's called Credit To Patients. That way Karly gets the credits even though your blood types don't match hers. When you fill out the form check the box CTP and put Karly's name. A weekly report is sent out to all the hospitals, so every hospital knows which patient has credit.

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