Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early this morning Karly had lab work done and then we saw Dr. Herzog. Karly's counts, both platelets and white blood cells, had dropped drastically since Monday. Dr. Herzog told us she would receive blood and platelets tomorrow, Friday. We went on to radiation and Karly got one more treatment behind her, only 2 more to go. The technician, Kara, told us Karly's radiation appointment would be in the afternoon tomorrow instead of the morning. So, before we left the hospital I decided we better stop by the clinic and see if radiation was going to interfere with her blood transfusion. Good thing we stopped by because they had decided she was getting a blood transfusion today and then returning in the morning for more labs to determine whether or not she would need platelets.

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.-Anonymous
I remind myself of this often.

Karly's 13th chemo cycle could possibly be delayed do to her low blood counts. Karly lost 3-4 pounds over the last week but is still eating really well. She has been blessed and has NEVER had any trouble with mouth sores. We owe Dana a big thank you for that. She insisted we never miss the mouth wash and gave us so many other great tips.

When we were leaving the radiation area of the hospital today, the fire alarm was going off. Karly and I looking at each other, looked back the elevator, at each other again and took the stairs! We said, "My Bubba says not to take the elevator when the fire alarm is going off."

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