Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lexie and I got our flu shots today and we both survived! If any of you have heard the story of Lexie and her flu shot last year, you KNOW that we really accomplished something big today. I was so proud of Lexie, she sat right up in my lap and did not even shed a single tear. She does understand how important it is to keep her Sissy well.

This weekend Karly is going to try and go with Keaton to a Reptile Expo. yucky! Let's just say I will NOT be going with them! No way, no how!

We are thankful to report that Barbara Norton, a friend of Mom's who posts on here regularly to Karly, made it through her surgery today just fine. Her surgeon is Dr. Catherine Ronaghan, who did both of Mom's surgeries, it is a small world!

We again ask for you to pray for Robert Alvarado. He is still in very serious condition and needs God's healing touch. There has been a medical fund set up for him at Commercial State Bank in Seminole. Also, this Friday, Oct. 9 before the football game there will be a benefit dinner at the Wigwam Stadium parking lot.

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