Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Karly's recent back pain appears to be related to rapid bone marrow production. She has experienced this before, but it was when her white blood cell count was ridiculously high. Karly received a unit of blood yesterday afternoon. As I said before, with her doing radiation her hemoglobin level has to stay higher than what it normally does so she needed some blood yesterday. We will see Dr. Herzog in the morning and make plans for chemo cycle #12 to start on Monday.

MDACC is implementing new restrictions on visitors under 12 years old starting Monday, Oct. 19. No child under 12 will be allowed in any area of the hospital because of the outbreak of the seasonal flu and H1N1. It is a good thing Lexie was already planning on going home to stay with Nanny and Pa. She is missing her friends at LeaAnn's and at church and is ready to go home and play. She can only do so many front rolls in this tiny apartment. :)

Yesterday, before the nurse de-accessed Karly's port after she received blood, Lexie was the one that flushed the port with Heparin. Yep, she is our little nurse in training. She watches EVERYTHING they do to Karly and she asked the nurse if she could do it. Both Karly and the nurse agreed, so Lexie did her first port flush yesterday at the age of 5!

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