Saturday, October 24, 2009

Karly is almost finished with chemo cycle #12. She is actually finished with the chemo part of it but she still has her back pack of fluids and will have that through tomorrow. She has also completed 25 radiation treatments. Doing the chemo treatments in the outpatient unit of the pedi clinic is so much easier on Karly. The nurses are wonderful and if we need anything, Dr. Herzog and her staff are right there.

On Wednesday, Lexie and Nanny flew home. Lexie had the best time flying home and from what I hear she was very excited to see her Pa. Since Uncle Vaughn has a little pull at the airport, Pa was able to be at the gate when they came off the plane; Lexie ran to him and gave him the biggest hug. Nanny said she spent an hour that night playing with the dog Coco. The next morning Lexie was up at 6 and ready to go to LeaAnn's house. Thursday evening she got to go watch her buddy Aiden play football. Her social calendar is very full for the next few weeks and I want to thank everyone for that, it helps so much knowing that she is staying busy.

Our friends Keaton and Karen are heading back to the Philippines this afternoon. The treatment Keaton received in the Philippines appears to have been working and until it is available here he is going back there to receive more of the treatments.

We can never say thank you enough for all the kind things people continue to do for us. We have the most amazing friends and family! Karly's face lit up when I told her that the high school was doing a fundraiser for her, it really means so much to her for her peers to being showing her support.

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