Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has been raining here too much! I am not crazy about all this rain. I actually carry an umbrella in my purse which is the craziest thing.

Karly had her 16th radiation treatment today which means she is half way finished with radiation. :) The radiation is starting to take its toll on Karly. She is having nausea everyday and is very tired. The past 2 days she has also been having some unexplained back pain. Today she went in for blood work and we talked to the nurse about her back pain. She was given some pain medicine to help with the pain. The pain she is experiencing is not the same pain that lead us to find her mass, it is a different pain, in a different location. Her hemoglobin levels were low so she will be receiving blood tomorrow afternoon. The doctor has order another round of lab work to be done tomorrow to compare to today's to see if maybe she is about to "bottom out" and that is why she is experiencing the back pain.

If Karly's counts recover after the blood transfusion tomorrow and hold steady she will have chemo cycle #12 on Monday, October 19.

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