Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 4 of Cycle 6

Today was day 4 of 5 days of chemo. The first 3 days of chemo were nice and smooth. Today got off to a good start. Karly got up had breakfast, a shower and a nice visit from Victoria and her dad, John. Chemo started around 10am and was done about 2 hours later. Karly has been having body aches and today they have been really bad. They gave her pain meds a couple times and then the vomiting kicked in. But, they don't let her vomit or even feel nauseous with out trying to find a way to fix it. Right now she is up and eating chicken strips from Sonic.

We hope to be out of here tomorrow around 5pm. Karly will have a PET scan on Wednesday.

I want to Thank everyone for Lexie's birthday cards and gifts. She had a great birthday last week!

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