Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MRI results

This morning we met with Dr. Mahajan for the 2nd time, we absolutely love her! She is the radiation doctor. She shared the results of Karly's scans with us.

The is no considerable decrease in the size of the mass but there appears to be change on the inside of the mass. What that means is, it appears the tumor(cancer) cells are dying. Karly has not had anymore pain, which is another sign that the chemo is working. We were kinda expecting these results. We were told from the beginning that this is a slow growing tumor and that meant it would be slow to respond to treatment. We were very happy to learn that the mass had not grown and there were no other signs of tumors anywhere else. We have been here long enough to know that is VERY important!

We will see the surgeon, Dr. Lewis, tomorrow morning. Dr. Lewis, Dr. Mahajan & Dr. Herzog will all meet tomorrow afternoon and discuss the next step. We will meet with Dr. Herzog Thursday morning before Karly starts the 6th cycle of chemo. No matter when or if surgery is done Karly will have to go through 14 cycles of chemo.

Mom and Dad will be here this evening! We are going to celebrate Lexie's birthday and they will be here to help with the 5 days of chemo.

Thank you for all you continue to do for us!

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  1. So glad your parents will be there with you! I'm sure you will celebrate Lexie's birthday up right!
    So glad to hear the MRI showed no growth. We will continue faithful in prayers for Karly and for your rest as you care for her!
    biggest love as always.....