Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yesterday, Karly received platelets because of a low platelet level, however her white blood cells count was on the rise so no more injections for a few days. Karly was having some pain yesterday, this pain is not the same as what she had before we came. This pain is related to the high level of white blood cells.

This morning we hit the floor running, literally, we were supposed to be in the clinic at 7:15am and that is when we woke up! oops Today, Karly had chest and pelvic xrays, a CT scan, a bone scan and blood work (almost an everyday thing). Good news from the blood work, her platelet level had tripled. Karly joked that she got Nic Latta's platelets. "Maybe I got Nic's and will be strong like him."

Nic had recently donated blood and platelets at a blood drive in Seminole. We know that some one benefited greatly from it. If you can, please donate.

The first part of last week we met Daniel and his mom, Laura. They are from Sudan and it was great talking with people from 'home'. Ok, so Sudan isn't Seminole but close enough, only 100 miles away. Daniel's sisters noticed Karly's State Band t-shirt and that it said Seminole. We got to send some time with them again today while Karly was waiting for her bone scan.

In between scans we went to see Donny Selman and were so excited to find his room empty. A nurse told us he had been discharged. I don't think we have ever been so happy to miss someone! :) Karly has already said she wants to take Donny to her favorite Mexican food place (Lupe's) to eat, so we all plan to go as soon as Donny feels up to it!

Karly is scheduled for an MRI and lab work tomorrow.

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  1. Hope you have a restful weekend. Miss talking to you! Know you're in my thoughts and prayers constantly. big love....