Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday morning we met with the surgeon, Dr. Lewis. After visiting with her about how aggressive the surgery would be we decided to only use surgery as a last resort. This morning we saw both Dr. Herzog and her intern and they both agreed with our decision. Karly will go through more chemo and then begin radiation. Dr. Herzog and Dr. Mahajan will work out the best plan on how to handle the schedule with chemo and radiation. Dr. Herzog does want a PET scan performed after this cycle of chemo, so that will be done one day next week. Dr. Herzog showed us what she called "centralized necrosis" in the mass on the MRI image. Basically, that means dying cells, which is good news.

Karly was scheduled to be admitted for chemo cycle #6 today but she was not because there were no open beds. We were not the only ones sent home, there we several kids who had to go home. The plan is for the nurse to call us when they have a room for Karly.

Wednesday night we had a birthday party with Nanny and Pa for Lexie. We had a GREAT time!

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