Friday, July 31, 2009

We began the day yesterday bright and early, Karly had to be in clinic at 7am for lab work. We saw the doctor by 8am, and she said the plan is to do 3 more cycles of chemo, now just 2, and then begin radiation. Karly will continue on with chemo while she goes through radiation. Another PET scan will be done before we begin radiation to compare with the one she had last week. That was the 1st PET scan she had so it will serve as a baseline. We were all very happy that some "funny" spots that had showed up in her lungs on the most recent lung CT did not show up on the PET scan. GREAT NEWS!

We spent the day waiting for a room and around 5:00 we made it in a room.

About 8:45pm, Lexie tumbled off the hospital bed. Lexie usually is quite dramatic when she gets a booboo, but last night she was not being her usual dramatic self and that worried me. :) Her left arm was really hurting her and the charge nurse suggested I take her to the ER. They were nice enough to let me take her to the ER her at MDA. Well I say nice, we spent almost 4 hours in the ER. But after seeing the doctor and having 6 xrays, I was so thankful that Lexie had not broken her arm. I would call the nurses station and check on Karly during the 4 hours we were in the ER and she stayed asleep the whole time. :) She missed all the action.

Lexie's arm is still very sore today and has slowed her down a bit. She is not crazy about all the attention it caused. I was talked to the school teacher about what happened earlier and Lexie said, "come on its over, that's enough."

Karly is done with one more round of chemo. Her hemoglobin levels were low yesterday and chemo didn't do them any favors. She is receiving a blood transfusion right now. Once she is finished receiving blood we will get to leave. Her sweet nurse today was from Midland. Small world!

These people here have there work cut out for them in the next few hours. Half of the pedi floor(9th) is moving up to the 12th floor so a new call light system can be installed. That means ALL the patients and all there stuff has to be moved within the next few hours. We are so glad we are leaving. I am sure the nurses are glad too, that makes one less patient to worry about. After, they finish this half they will do the same thing to the other side of the floor. yuck!

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