Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the security breaching brisket

For those of you that have spent any amount of time with Karly you know how picky of an eater she is! Well, one of her very FAVORITE things is brisket, but not just any brisket will do. She LOVES the brisket that the Seminole firemen cook. But, who doesn't?!? She had asked in May if there was any way they could mail her one. The guys recently cooked briskets and Karly received hers via UPS this morning.

However, the brisket did not make it here without causing some problems. The package was supposed to arrive by 9am and when it wasn't here by 10am my mom started having a fit. Amanda checked the status of the package online and it had been "delayed by government security official beyond UPS's control." Mom, Donna and Amanda all start calling around to any UPS office/supervisor they could get in touch with and none of them have ever seen this message before.

Makes you wonder?? Was it something used when marinating the brisket, that "secret sauce"? Or was it the two women that packed it up? Those 2 women would be my mom & Glenda Bass, so you never know! haha
Anyhow, we got the brisket, still frozen and we will enjoy it this 4th of July.

Karly had a good night. Her 2 best buddies, Samantha & Marcus, are here.

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