Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A day of good news.....

I am smiling ear to ear as I type this update! Today has been a day of great news!

Karly had an easy day. She saw Dr. Mahajan for her weekly radiation visit, had her radiation treatment and then received a pint of blood. We first thought she would just be receiving platelets today but she ended up receiving full blood. She is scheduled for chemo on Thursday.

While Karly was receiving her blood Lexie and I went down to get a snack. While we were sitting in the lobby eating we saw Shaunie and Donny about to leave. We were so EXCITED to hear that Donny had received an EXCELLENT report. He is doing great! Thank you God!

And then tonight Karly walks in and says, "Keaton is back!" WooHoo! It was not an easy journey for them to get back to Houston. When they first tried to leave the Philippines a typhoon (Ketsana) hit! But they are now back and we can't wait to see them tomorrow and give them both a big hug!

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  1. I love hearing great news from your end! A trip to Houston my be closer than ever! :) :)