Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Karly's Post

Hey everyone this is Karly herself =)

I really don't know what to say. Of course I gotta say thank you everyone for the support and prayers. If it wasn't for you guys and my good friends I woulda already went insane. Haha, you guys give me something to read and smile about when I'm sitting on the couch bored.

I don't know if mom said anything about it or not so I'll go ahead and say, Thank you Seminole High School Band =) I got my two shirts the other day, my band shirt and black out shirt. (I must say they are alot better than last year I think haha)

As you prolly know I gotta get more blood I think and cause of that I got banned from Monster and Vemon energy drinks, which isn't that cool, but I guess it's for the best. Haha

We also just got back from Kemah last night and it was really fun! We rode on this boat called the Boardwalk Beast and it tours all the way around the bay. The ride lasted 45 minutes, but it was the slow ride, I told my mom we shoulda rode the fast one where it cut that time into 20 minutes and you'd get soaked. Haha

I really miss all you guys. I feel so outta place without being able to go to school every morning and getting to hang out with my friends on the weekends. It's a huge change from doing all that to suddenly doing nothing but hospital stuff basicly. I'm still adjusting to it. But seriously, I miss the band a WHOLE lot, I'm sure they'll be glad to have me back but I haven't touched my trumpet in forever so I bet they'll be like oh no... Haha

I want everyone to know that my friends are seriously wonderful people. Like ther perfect example of a great friend is my best friend Marcus. Once he found out I'd be stuck in Houston he told me he was getting a job so he could come see me. And in July he came and stayed for a full week. Haha he brought like 300 dollars or something like that for us to spend and I kept telling him that was too much money for a kid to have. But yeah, it ment alot to me that he was willing to work on the weekends just to come see me.

Then there of course is Keaton and Karen. I love those two. Seriously, if it wasn't for them I would have gone crazy, and so would have mom. They have helped us out so much. And I miss them so, and I pray for them to come back safe and doing much better than they were before. They are so smart and strong and I know they can do this. I don't have a doubt in my mind.

I remember at the end of last school year I visited the school one last time to clean out my locker and visit some teachers, and when I went to the choir room I also talked to some friends and they were asking me all sorts of questions. Well we had an exchange student from Japan named Dicekay(We just called him Dice) and he looked so confused and finally someone just told him that I had a tumor and he said, "Ohh... What is a tumor?" Then we explained that to him and then I told him I had cancer. I will never forget this, I laughed so hard. His eyes got real big and his mouth dropped. "Ohh.... What is this cancer??? It sounds really, really bad!" I think they finally got everything explained to him but I thought it was really funny.

Now my mom said the goal is to come home mid novemeber. I pray every night that we get to go home then. I'm so homesick. But I gotta say my favorite holiday is thanksgiving and so there is no way that I'd miss thanksgiving at my Nanny's house! Nu uh! The food is all sooo good... Yumm. So if not I still plan, irregardless, to be home around thanksgiving cause I wouldn't miss that for the world.

I wish there was a way to speed up time and just hurry and get to be home. I can't wait to be able to give everyone of you the hug that you guys deserve. Ya'll are the best support system out there.

And I wanna thank my Nanny and Pa for watching out for our animals. You guys wouldn't believe how much I miss them. I heard they fell in love with our guinea pig, but I could see how. Our guinea pig is so cool you guys. His name is Baby Chip(and I bought that lil guy a couch for his cage the other day haha, he can eat it while he's sittin on it too!) and he's not like other guinea pigs, his fur is all wild, like he seriously has a mohawk! Haha. Then I also heard my nanny and pa loves our cocker spaniel so much that they have her at their house! haha, that's good for all three of them. I remember that dog liked to be with people so much and she is a good older dog so she'll just sit there with you, and that's great for nanny and pa. Plus now they have someone to spoil haha. Then I also heard our cats are even getting the royal treatment from them haha. But of course there is that one animal that is hyper and makes a mess. And that's my dog Chika. Haha, I've heard she's been makin some messes back at home. I of course promised that, that will change when I get home, cause she'll be getting her walks everyday and some training in. But I miss my Chika so much.

And I miss Seminole's weather. The rain here is nice, but wow it's so humid! I'm not crazy about it.

Well, I would write a whole lot more, but mom just finished cooking dinner so I should go eat before it gets cold.

I'll try and post again one day to rant on about random stuffs. =)

I love ya'll!
~ Karly, Herself.

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