Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Routine

Today was the beginning of something new for us. It has gone great so far!

Karly had an appointment at the clinic at 2pm this afternoon to begin her 10th cycle of chemo. She is doing this cycle outpatient. She got in her room in the PATC around 2:30 and once her port was accesses she got started with cycle 10. While at the clinic Karly receive all her premeds and one of the chemo drugs. She was then sent home with a backpack full of fluids, the 2nd chemo drug and Mesna(bladder protector). We were in the car headed home by 4:30. I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels not to be in the hospital! When we got back home, Nanny had cooked supper and Karly said, "this smells SO much better than the hospital."

We received the results from her last PET scan today, and it was good news. The mass still has not decreased in size, but has decreased in intensity and is responding to treatment. Her chest was clear!

Karly will head back to the clinic at 2pm tomorrow.

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