Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Changes!

Karly went in early this morning for lab work and then she headed to the PET scan. The PET scan takes a total of about 2 hours. We do not know the results of the PET scan, they were not up when we saw Dr. Herzog at 11:00am.

Karly and I have been visiting with one of Dr. Herzog's other patients and she receives her chemo on an outpatient basis and Karly was very interested in doing that. So, today she asked the doc if it was possible, Dr. Herzog said since we are so close to the hospital(1.6 miles)and since we have always been compliant (I didn't know there was a choice) that she was fine with it. So, chemo was delayed until Monday.

The plan is: we will go to the clinic and spend 3-4 hours receiving the chemo drugs and then Karly will come home will a back pack of fluids. We will return to the clinic the following day and continue this for 5 days. We never thought we would be happy about chemo being delayed but we are thrilled that Karly can come home instead of spending so much time in the hospital. When this all first began, Dana was preparing me for all that would take place down here and I remember when she told me they sent Daniel home with a backpack I thought "there is NO WAY I could do that." Now Karly and I are asking, "what ALL can we do at home so we don't have to be here all the time."

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying time with Nanny & Pa. We went to eat and then the girls went shopping. Poor Pa! :)

Now is time for a great big THANK YOU to all the great folk at Westside! We got a HUGE box from them yesterday. Last night, Nanny, Pa and I had the best time watching the girls go through it. It was packed with all kinds of wonderful things. I can never put into words how thankful we are to be a part of such a wonderful church family!

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