Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Karly went in this morning for blood work and her hemoglobin levels were low again. If I could get her to eat some liver that might help. HaHa....I would not eat it myself. The nurse that was covering for the regular nurse called and said for Karly to be there at 9am for repeat labs and possible blood transfusion in the morning. An hour later, Beatriz, the PA, called and said Dr. Herzog said we could wait until Thursday as long as Karly was not symptomatic. So, we will head to the clinic at 7:30 Thursday morning for labs and then on to the PET scan.

Nanny and Pa will be here tomorrow! Lexie will sure be glad when she doesn't have to get up so early on Thursday.

Thank you for all the continued support! And Karen & Keaton also say "thank you."

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